Tumbler Dog Toy Review and Giveaway

Three cheers for another Rogz dog toy review. This time we're sharing a Tumbler Dog Toy Review. We have an extra one to give away. The Tumbler is an activity feeder and food puzzle toy. It allows you to adjust how easy (or hard) it is for the food to come out. We hope you'll take a minute out of your busy holiday schedule to see what we think of the Tumbler. Also, find out how you might win one for your dog! If nothing else, DO NOT miss the photo of the bottom of this post with Clover dressed like a Christmas Tree and Tori dressed like Santa. It's a hoot!


Tumbler Dog Toy Review

It's becoming increasingly old fashioned to feed dogs from bowls. Personally, I still do it, but I know a lot of people don't. They prefer to use activity feeders to make meals more of an event. It also meals mealtime more of a mental challenge for dogs. 

Toys like the Tumbler work great for typical dog food shapes or even dog treats, if they're broken up into small pieces. As the dog plays with the toy, food basically falls out of the little hole.

BUT, you can control how easy or hard it is for the food to come out by sliding the built-in weight so that it's various distances from the hole itself. When the weight is on the opposite side of the toy, it's MUCH HARDER for dogs to tip the Tumbler ball enough that the food comes out. 

Start at the easiest setting -- weight near the hole -- so that your dog doesn't get frustrated and give up.

Indeed! Rogz is sponsoring this dog toy review / post. However, I get to decide what to say about the toy. Thanks to Rogz for providing a toy to give away.

Based in South Africa, Rogz maintains a relationship with KONG, so it's KONG that distributes Rogz products in the USA. 

Tori took to the Tumbler dog toy quickly. She figured out right away that she could nose it around with our snout and get the food to fall out of the hole. 

Clover, on the other hand, wasn't super interested at first. She is much more likely to try and pick the toy up and throw it to make the food fall out, but the Tumbler ball is a bit too big for her mouth. 

Eventually, Clover figured out that her nose worked pretty well. She began poking it around with both her snout and her feet. 

Clover went off to do something else much quicker than Tori did. I guess you could say that Tori gives a better Tumbler Dog Toy Review than Clover does. 

Tumbler Dog Toy Review Cautions

I do like this toy, and at the same time, I need to point out 2 things:

  1. It's noisy on hard surface floors. That's why I only allow Clover and Tori to play with it outside on the grass. The hard plastic is way, way, way too noisy on our tile floors.
  2. The instructions on the packaging about how to rotate the weight inside the Tumbler ball made no sense to me. It looked to me in the instructions like the weight itself rotated essentially in place. I had to ask my husband for help. He showed me how the weight slides around the inside edge of the ball. He also showed me how if you put the weight near the hole it's easier for the dog to get food out. 

Tumbler Dog Toy Review Pluses

That said, the Tumbler is easy to load with food. It's easy to open up and clean thoroughly because the ball unscrews into 2 pieces. It's also an innovative design compared to other activity feeders we have. (And, we have a LOT of them.)

Want to Try Winning a Tumbler Dog Toy for Your Dog?

Yay! Here is how you can create a chance to win a Tumbler Dog Toy for your dog (mainland USA addresses only), please post a comment on this Tumbler Dog Toy Review post by Midnight (mountain standard time) Sunday, December 23, 2018. Be sure to include a valid email address because we will use that to contact the winner. One entry per person, please. 

After the entry deadline (and after the holiday), we'll assign a number to each comment and use a random number generator to choose a winner. We'll contact the winner by email so that the person can provide us with a valid mailing address. We'll ship the toy to the winner's dog. (Because the Post Office is NUTS before and right after Christmas, we won't ship the toy to the winner until AFTER the holiday and post-holiday rush)

Again, here is a link to where you can buy a Tumbler on Mypetsbox.

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

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