3D Mosaic Self-adhesive Wallpaper Tile


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This tile can upgrade your home with a fantastic effect instantly. The tiles are raised by 3D embossed textures. Everything looks like a real deal as glass backsplash and very easy to cut, just peel and stick. The best solution for the inexperienced homeowner who wants a more modern look without the expense of real tiles.


  • FLEXIBLE: Peel and stick installation, easily do it by yourself with a realistic effect.
  • DURABLE: Strong 3M adhesive backing, no peeling, no discoloring, easy wipe to remove the stain.
  • STRONG RESISTANT: Resistant to heat and humidity, designed for real-life kitchen and bathroom backsplash.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Perfect for DIY private projects, such as Kitchen island walls, bathroom backsplash, bedroom walls, laundry room, Washbasin, etc.
  • SIZE: The size of the tile is 10″X10″, a pack of 5 sheets, about 3.4 square feet covering.


  • It is recommended to use 3M spray, which can make up for painted walls that are not suitable for installation, and further improve the product performance.
  • Use scotch tape a little in the same material wall of humble position, simple and effective to test whether the wall is suitable for installation.
  • A credit card or smoothing tool can squeeze air bubbles from uneven spaces on the wall effectively.
  • If you find it goes wrong or it isn’t in a horizontal after installation. Use a hairdryer and turn on the hot wind switch, blow the sheets and peel it off slowly and slowly.


  • The tiles should be installed on sleek and clean surfaces, a rough surface is not suitable to install.
  • After the project is done, keep the backsplash tile cool in a few days (2-3 days).
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