LED Road Flares with Magnetic Base Hook


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Travel safely with a Warning LED Light on hand! When you have to stop on the highway because of an obstacle, warn other drivers so that they slow down and stop their vehicles in time.

It is also a lifesaver when you need to send an SOS signal. Give yourself greater peace of mind with this powerful light!

The warning LED Light features a super bright LED light for extra visibility, It can be seen up to 1 mile at night and radiate outward 360 degrees to warn other drivers on the road to slow down and approach safely. Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Emergency Use at Home: It can be temporarily illuminated when the power is off. When the danger occurs, you can press the switch. The rotating warning light will tell the rescuer your specific location so that you can be rescued the first time.

Waterproof and Crushproof(Can bear a 30-ton vehicle)

Main Features:

  • The bright warning lights from these emergency flares are visible from a mile away at night and half a mile away at daytime.
  • 3 bulbs on the front and 12 bulbs on the sides, 9 flashing modes.
  • Press the power button to change flash modes, double press quickly to light up the 3 front bulbs, turn it off with a long hold.
  • Strong magnet and loop on the back, attachable in different ways, easily attachable to latch, tree, tent, etc.
  • Perfect light for SOS or roadside emergency situations, warns approaching vehicles effectively.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard Approved SOS (Morse Code).
  • Waterproof, shockproof, durable.
  • Material: TPR for outside and PC for inside.
  • AAA batteries required(not included).

For Use Anywhere: The LED flares are multi-functional. When fishing, camping, climbing, and riding, in addition to short-time lighting, the rotating light can provide a charming decorative effect. When used for motorcycle riding, there is a very cool decorative effect.

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