Portable Green Screen Backdrop


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Tired of being worried or embarrassed by your background for your Zoom calls or videos?

The Portable Green Screen is made for you. It will allow you to replace your messy background with a clean one during conference calls and video recordings.

Easy to set up, it takes less than 2 seconds to set it up. All you need is a chair to hang it on using its strap and you are good to go! The strap is adjustable to make sure it will fit any chair!

🥰  Ideal if you are working from home to avoid a messy background 

If you are like us, you may sometimes be embarrassed by your background. Maybe you didn’t have the time to clean up before your call and it’s getting a bit messy.

Also, the last thing that you want is to have a kid running around in your background while you are having a conference call for work …

We understand you, and to be frank, it happened to us several times with our 9-year-old…

With the Backdrop, you can now replace your background with anything of your choice to have a clean look on your video calls, avoid a messy background and protect your privacy.

With its 59″ extra-large size, it will cover your whole background, allowing you to use Chroma Key (incrustation) to replace the green color with anything that you like.

This will allow you to protect your privacy while making sure your background always look good.

🥰 Ideal for those who work from home, content creators, and live streamers who want to spice up their background

Do you feel like your background is messy or not good enough?

You can now replace it with anything you desire in a couple of clicks with most editing software.

It is compatible with Zoom, Skype, GoToWebinar, Cisco WebEx, OBS, Twitch, Camtasia, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Screenflow, iMovie, and most other editing software using the chroma key technology.

🥰  Portable, lightweight, and easy to store

Say no more to a large and heavy green screen that takes hours to set up.

With its lightweight and foldability, you can even carry it in a suitcase if you have to do conference calls or record videos on the go …

The backdrop Portable Green Screen has been designed to be easy to set up and store.

While being lightweight and portable, it is constructed of durable spring steel and polyester to ensure years of use.

🥰Green screens! For those of us that have to continue to carry on important business face-to-face meetings (remotely) during the pandemic or just any of us that always work from home, they are a wonderful thing.

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