WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit
WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit

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WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit (11pcs) Only WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit (11pcs) Only
Extra Pack

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit (11pcs)

+ Booty Trainer Bands (4pcs)

Full Bundle

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Full Kit (11pcs)

+ Booty Building Bands (4pcs)
+ Moisture Wicking Headband (1pc)
+ Sweat Absorbing Wrist Band (1pc)

Get a Full-body workout at home! Forget commuting to busy gyms, costly memberships, the expensive and bulky home fitness equipment!

Anytime you have a few minutes to spare, WantedAll™ is the perfect solution to get fit! The WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit is made of 11pcs of high quality resistance bands and accessories, with a wide range of resistance/weight. Allowing more than 150 different exercises, you can work any muscle group you want, at the intensity you wish, achieving the results you desire.

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All the Resistance & Weights You Need

The WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit includes 5 bands of varying resistance. Allowing you to chose, combine and add up to 150lbs of resistance! With the lowest resistance being 10lbs, this set is suitable for beginners all the way to Olympians preparing for peak performances.

Improve & Shape Any Muscle You Want

  • 5x Resistance Bands
  • 2x Foam Handles
  • 2x Ankle Straps
  • 1x Soft Door Anchor
  • 1x Carrying Bag
  • 4x Booty Bands (Included in Bundle)

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit-02

High Quality, Strong & Durable

Made from high quality natural rubber latex, WantedAll™ is built to last. It is virtually unbreakable by hand, and although super unlikely, if you have any quality issues at all? We will replace it for you at no cost!

Effective and Safe

WantedAll™ is designed to give a smooth and constant movement combined with wide range of resistance, which ends up with great results, while minimizing the chance of injury. The WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit is significantly safer compared to lifting heavy weights and machinery at traditional gym.

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit-03

Quick and Easy Set Up

You’ll be ready for a full body workout in seconds! The WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit is super quick to set up, with the included door anchor, handles and leg straps, all your muscles will have the pump it deserves in a matter of minutes.

Can’t Find Time to Workout? No Problem

Skipped gyms in the past because you couldn’t find the time? No problem! Traditional gyms require a lot of back and worth commute times. Now? You can set up WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit in seconds! Squeeze in a quick workout with spare minutes around the house and go on with your day.

WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit-05

Take it Anywhere You Wish

WantedAll™ is compact, lightweight and portable. It easily stores in a little bag, take it on vacations, to the park, to the backyard or even to the office. Get a workout before going home from work, stay in shape on your business trips, it is travel friendly and can go with you anywhere!

Achieve Your Desired Results

The wide range of weights are perfect for achieving the results you want. Whether you’re looking to burn body fat, build muscle mass or just tone your muscles, WantedAll™ will help you get the job done.

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Delivery of WantedAll™ Home Fitness Kit

Dispatch time just takes usually around 2-3 business days. For all orders in the US, we are delighted to inform you that delivery is quick and received within 5-8 business days and 8-15 business days for other nations once they are dispatched. We work with major couriers and postal services worldwide to ship your orders, for example, USA (FedEx/USPS), Canada (Canada Post), United Kingdom (RoyalMail), Australia (Australia Post/Fastway), etc.

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